Anthem Is at the ‘Play From Home’ Stage, and Dragon Age News Is On the Way Too

Not long ago, BioWare released a blog post confirming Anthem had moved to the Alpha stage and much of the remaining work would be texting and fixing things. Now, General Manager Casey Hudson has released a new blog post updating the state of Anthem and even providing some hints as to what’s up with BioWare’s two other flagship franchises.

First of all, Anthem now has what BioWare calls the “Play From Home Build,” which means the game is in a stable enough state for the team to take it home and play it in a more comfortable environment. Hudson said that BioWare likes to do this to remove the game from working spaces, so the team can experience it as if they were the average player. This way, in a more comfortable setting, they can find problems that may not stand out as much at the office. Hudson also confirmed that while the launch version of Anthem is at this stage, the team is also working on content for after launch, as we know the game will be updated with new content over the course of its life.

The blog post also brought up some other IP, including Dragon AgeMass Effect, and even Star Wars. For Mass Effect and Star Wars: The Old Republic, the news is really just “things are coming.” But for Dragon Age, Hudson states that fans should “look for more on this in the coming month.” Following that is a cheeky line that he won’t say “where” to look. Intriguing!

[Source: BioWare]