BioWare Confirms Anthem Won’t Feature Cross-Platform Support ‘At Launch’

Cross-platform play remains a hot topic. Since more titles than ever are being produced with multiplayer at their core, cross-play talk is unlikely to cease. That in mind, BioWare was probably getting bombarded with questions as to whether Anthem will launch with such a feature. Now an answer has been given. No, it will not. However, there may be hope for cross-play support in the future.

Anthem’s Executive Producer Mark Darrah recently responded to a fan question on Twitter concerning cross-play between PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One versions of the game. Darrah responded as follows,

His answer of “not at launch” could entail any number of things. At the very least, it appears to suggest that BioWare may be considering cross-play across the three platforms to some degree. Because Sony recently softened its stance, allowing Fortnite players on the PS4 to join the fun on other platforms, anything seems possible. To an extent, of course.

Rocket League, which enabled cross-play support on other devices years ago, still doesn’t offer similar support on Sony’s console. While PS4’s Rocket League players can join PC players, PS4 users teaming with friends on Xbox One and Nintendo Switch remains impossible. Unfortunately, it seems the blame still centers on Sony. Might the same fate befall Anthem’s potential cross-platform play feature? The wait to know for sure could be long.

Despite rumors of a delay, BioWare has said it fully intends to launch Anthem on February 22, 2019.

[Source: Mark Darrah’s Twitter via Wccftech]