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WayForward has Joined the Bloodstained Team

The road to getting Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night out of the door has been long, but it seems like the finish line may be drawing near. And to get there, Koji Igarashi’s team has recruited some talented, new assistance. Announced via a Kickstarter update earlier today, the team that includes Inti Creates, DICO, and Monobit now includes WayForward, the renowned western developer best known for the Shantae series.

The announcement comes from “IGA” himself, who states that with WayForward’s help, including someone on staff he has worked with in the past, Bloodstained will “become an even better game.” WayForward is helping the team finish the game, making improvements and fixing bugs. IGA notes that one bug in particular is causing a full crash, so that’s the current priority.

With respect to a release date, IGA states that the situation has not changed, meaning there will be a date when one is ready. But with WayForward, getting to that point is much closer to a reality.

As part of the update, a new enemy called Cyhyreath has been revealed as a little bonus. you can see the concept art above. This enemy starts crouched on the floor, but when the player approaches it attacks by flying around and shrieking. That definitely sounds like something you’d come across in an “Igavania” game.

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