Some Familiar Faces Steal the Spotlight in New Resident Evil 2 Gameplay

Even though Capcom isn’t calling 2019’s Resident Evil 2 a remake, it still remains faithful to the 1998 original in many key ways. A couple of new gameplay clips released by Capcom showcase some of Resident Evil 2’s most iconic characters. We’ve seen glimpses of both Ada Wong and the Tyrant before, but this is the best look we’ve gotten at them yet.

The first clip shows us Leon Kennedy and Ada teaming up. While it starts off from Leon’s point of view, the video changes focus to showcase the player controlling Ada, confirming she is once again playable. By the looks of it, it seems that these Ada segments are a little more slower-paced than the normal action, a la Mary Jane in Marvel’s Spider-Man. Sadly, she appears to ditch her fly trench coat and sunglasses to wear something that’s more akin to her classic look.

The second clip, focusing on Claire, is a little more tense. And by a little, we mean a lot. Chased by the near-indestructible Tyrant, all she can do is run. However, he is also a lot more stylish this time around, sporting a top hat in addition to his usual trench coat. With his new outfit, he looks like he’d fit right in with Claire and Leon’s noir looks. Along with the previously-seen Lickers, it definitely looks like Capcom is taking the iconic enemies from the original and ramping the fear factor up to 11.

But the clip has more than the Tyrant standing there and being scary, however. We also get an ever so brief glimpse at Sherry Birkin in a new area known as the Orphanage, which confirms that she too is playable.

Are you excited to see some favorites return in Resident Evil 2? Let us know!