Psychonauts 2 release date

Psychonauts 2 Doubles Down on 2019 Release Date, New Trailer at The Game Awards

Even though publisher Starbreeze has hit some troubled waters, it seems like Psychonauts 2 is still on track for a 2019 release. Double Fine released a lengthy trailer at The Game Awards 2018, showing off some new gameplay and Raz in a bunch of new worlds. Following the events of the first game and PlayStation VR’s Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin, Psychonauts 2 follows the continuing adventures Razputin Aquato as he becomes a psychonaut and stumbles into yet another massive psychic conspiracy.

The new trailer features a ton of never-before-seen gameplay as Raz goes from camper at a psychic summer camp, to full blown psychonaut at the psychonaut headquarters known as the Mother Lobe. Many familiar characters can be seen, from friendly faces to enemies. With a mole in the psyhconauts, Razputin doesn’t know who to trust and must once again dive into the minds of family and friends to uncover the mysteries and “demons of a shared past.”

We reviewed Psychonauts in the Rhombus of Ruin when it released for PSVR last year. it gave us a brief shot of that Psychonauts world, but we wanted more. Knowing that Psychonauts 2 is coming in 2019 is exciting with this new gameplay trailer making the whole thing feel finally real.

There are plenty of other reveals from The Game Awards, including Crash Team Racing Nitro-Fueled, Far Cry: New Dawn, and even a small tease for what’s next in Dragon Age from BioWare. You can catch up on The Game Awards live stream now, or just wait for us to bring you all the news from The Game Awards 2018.