Here’s When London Detective Mysteria Comes Ashore on Vita Island

Xseed Games has finally revealed the PlayStation Store release date for its upcoming PS Vita and PC romance/mystery visual novel, London Detective Mysteria. This title, set in Victorian England, is set to launch for the PlayStation Vita on December 18, 2018. A release date for the PC version is not set as of this writing. Upon release, it will cost $29.99 in North America and €29.99/£24.99 in Europe.

Xseed Games is advertising London Detective Mysteria as the publisher’s very first Otome visual novel. If you aren’t familiar, this genre (which has been gaining steam in recent years in the West), is romance largely aimed at a female audience.

London Detective Mysteria was originally published in Japan as Eikoku Tantei Mysteria: The Crown. In this story, players take on the role of detective Lady Whiteley, who players will be able to name. Whiteley will investigate the darker underbelly of Victorian England as she solves mysteries, and she’ll also interact with famous characters from fiction and history such as “Herlock” Holmes, (the son of Sherlock according to the trailer?), Jean Lupin, and Jack the Ripper. Yes, there is a sexy, romance boy version of Jack the Ripper in this game.

Being a visual novel, London Detective Mysteria revolves around the players’ choices, which will affect the course of the story and, especially, the outcome. Not only are there certain rewards players can earn, but the ultimate fate of Lady Whiteley is also at stake. Presumably the Jack the Ripper path is full of all kinds of great choices.