Razed PS4 Release Date

Razed Breaks Into a Full Sprint This December

Published by PQube and developed by Warpfish Games, Razed is bursting onto the scene in all its neon-stylized, runner glory on December 19, 2018 for the PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch. Check out the breakneck speeds in the initial announcement trailer, back when the PS4 release was planned for an earlier date.

The game spans six worlds, consisting of sixty levels in total. There are even a few boss battles to take on during your Razed adventure. The parameters are simple: go fast or explode.

Veteran runners who are aiming for perfection can chase their goals with little to no frustration, thanks to Razed‘s restart button. If you already know you won’t reach your target, you can run it back without any additional load times. Unleash your competitive side by working your way up the online leaderboards and racing against friends’ ghosts.

Throughout the game, you’ll gain new skills and abilities that will help you find Razed‘s most challenging maps. While each level has an implied path, you’re encouraged to get creative. Find alternate routes to work your way through levels and achieve the best times possible.

For more runner games on the PlayStation 4 consider picking up Runner3It may not have the same look, but it could have the same sort of feel and challenge that you are looking for.

Be ready to think fast when Razed releases on December 19, 2018 on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. Do you think this is one race you’ll have to run?