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Todd McFarlane Believes Spawn Could Be ‘On His Way’ to Mortal Kombat 11

There are few characters left that fans want to see in Mortal Kombat that have yet to appear. Arguably, Spawn may sit at the top of the list. According to the character’s creator, Todd McFarlane, the wait may be nearly at an end. It’s possible Spawn is “on his way” to Mortal Kombat 11.

During a recent Reddit AMA, a fan inquired as to whether McFarlane will “please let Spawn be in Mortal Kombat 11.” McFarlane responded, saying, “I believe he’s on his way…” Of course, McFarlane’s worlds are to be taken with a grain of salt. It’s more than his say that determines whether the antihero features in the forthcoming release.

Fans may recall that weeks ahead of Mortal Kombat X’s launch, McFarlane revealed a deal with Warner Bros. was in motion to allow for Spawn’s inclusion in the then upcoming fighter. It’s unclear as to whether such negotiations hit a road block, as Spawn never appeared. Perhaps, from McFarlane’s perspective, things are looking up for Spawn’s joining the Mortal Kombat 11 roster. After all, with a live-action Spawn film in the works, the character’s soon to gain popularity he hasn’t had since the Michael Jai White-starring film in 1997.

Very little is known about Mortal Kombat’s main roster of characters, let alone guest fighters. So far, the only characters shown in action, based on the reveal trailer, are Raiden and Scorpion. That said, other franchise mainstays, such as Sub-Zero, are bound to feature, as well. NetherRealm will unleash more details about the roster, gameplay, and Character Variation System at an event on January 17, 2019.

Mortal Kombat 11 will hit store shelves on April 23, 2019.

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