Some People Will Get to Play a Closed Technical Alpha for The Division 2 This Weekend

Developer Ubisoft Massive has announced plans to host a closed technical alpha for The Division 2. The technical alpha will begin on December 15, 2018 and conclude on December 18th. Only a limited number of players will have a chance to join the alpha, which Ubisoft Massive is conducting in an effort to test its servers and garner feedback. Due to participants being required to sign a non-disclosure agreement, fans out of the loop shouldn’t expect to see alpha-centric gameplay or details surface.

Ubisoft announced the news on The Division 2’s official Twitter account. Check out the full post below:

Folks who have previously registered for beta access via the official website are in the selection pool. Technical alpha invitations will roll today, December 13th. However, fans who are not selected shouldn’t fret. More beta phases will go live prior to The Division 2’s March 2019 release.

Long before the technical alpha’s announcement, Ubisoft was boasting of The Division 2’s success with regards to beta registration. Beta registration for the sequel broke records, as it’s the fastest-registered beta in company history. Whether or not all of those who signed up will be treated to a chance to play early remains to be seen. At present, news of future beta sessions has yet to emerge.

Footage from The Division 2 hasn’t been shown since E3 2018. If Ubisoft plans to showcase more of the sequel anytime soon, word hasn’t gotten out about it. Yet, with the release date fast-approaching, surely some form of content release is on the horizon.

The Division 2 will arrive for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 15, 2018.

[Source: The Division 2 on Twitter, Ubisoft Forums]