capcom cup announcement tease

Ono and Blanka are at Capcom Cup, and Blanka Might Have Something for Us

This weekend is the Capcom Cup, the culmination of official Street Fighter competition help throughout the year so far. Taking place in Las Vegas, this year’s tournament is just as loaded as ever with fighting game talent, and of course other members of the Fighting Game Community and Street Fighter fanbase. The thing is, usually, something fun happens beyond just the competition, such as cool announcements for Street Fighter V. And Yoshinori Ono, producer of the series, is up to his usual tricks in that regard.

Ono took to Twitter yesterday as he was catching a flight from San Francisco to Nevada, on the way to the big event. He, of course, had his infamous toy Blanka along for the ride, which has more or less evolved to become the avatar of Capcom fighting game announcements. And with the tweet’s accompanying goofy text, that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. Check it our for yourself:

Indeed, Blanka has pretty deep pockets considering he’s a small hunk of plastic and all. What could the little guy be storing in there? Presumably, the yearly announcement will be something pretty juicy, considering how important the Capcom Cup is to Capcom’s fighting games side. Are we due for the next season of Street Fighter V, therefore the next round of character DLC, to kick off? Or could it be something else entirely? Be sure to tune into the event to find out.