Battlefield V

Battlefield V Reverts Back to Original Time-to-Kill with Newest Update

Recently, DICE, the team behind Battlefield V, released an update in which the TTK (time to kill) in multiplayer was increased, making it a tad harder to get kills. The idea behind this was to create a more inviting experience for newcomers and to avoid instantaneous deaths. The issue is that the community did not ask for this and were disappointed with the update upon its release. Now, things are being fixed.

After listening to the community’s feedback, DICE has decided to revert back to the original TTK, a smart move and one that fans appreciate. DICE admitted that “clearly they didn’t get it right”, when it came to the recent update. The company also acknowledged that it’s a challenge creating an experience that will cater to old veterans of the series while introducing new players to the experience, but it’s a challenge the developer is willing to face.

Battlefield V was a bit under fire recently, as DICE had to apologize for the lack of communication after the previous update. The vocal community is loud when it comes to unwanted changes and it’s up to the developer to keep up with this feedback.

The newest update that will revert back to the original TTK found at launch will roll out on December 18, 2018 at 7 am EST. There will also be no more “core” playlists added after the removal of “Conquest Core.”

DICE’s candid letter is a great sign of the developer’s devotion to the community, and it’s nice to see them taking feedback so seriously. You can read our review of Battlefield V here.

[Source: Battlefield Reddit]