The First Player-Created Area Gets Added to Fortnite’s Map

The Fortnite map got a huge change with the addition of an all-new area. Known as “Grimy Greens,” it is the first addition to The Block, which houses player-made creations.  Grimy Greens was created by Fortnite user kaantick, who made it in Fortnite’s newly-released Creative mode.

Fortnite Creative is the Minecraft-esque mode that lets players flex their creative chops on their own private island. Epic followed this by announcing The Block at The Game Awards 2018. This area of the map, which replaced the longstanding Risky Reels, is dedicated to the creativity of players. New creations will be added to The Block regularly, meaning Fortnite’s map will be ever-evolving.

Of course, just because someone makes something in Fortnite Creative, doesn’t automatically make it eligible to be added to The Block. There are specific parameters that must be followed in order to be in consideration. It must be built within a 25X25 tile area on a flat section of your island. In addition, the memory used must be below 50,000. However, you don’t need to worry about adding chests, floor loot, and vehicle spawns. All of that is done by Epic.

This isn’t the first time Epic took inspiration from its fans, either. One of its skins was directly inspired by a fan’s idea. While it’s certainly nice to see Epic give a spotlight to to its fans, the developer is also finding itself in hot water. Multiple celebrities have sued Epic for allegedly stealing iconic dance moves to use as different emotes.