Check Out the First Batch of Deku Screenshots from Jump Force

Today has been quite a day for Jump Force. Earlier today, Bandai Namco released a new trailer properly introducing us to the 3-on-3 fighter’s story mode. At the same time, we learned through the latest issue of Weekly Jump that Ikuzu Midoriya of My Hero Academia fame will be a playable fighter. Later on, Bandai Namco followed up the news with a batch of official screenshots, showing how author Kohei Horikoshi’s art style has been adapted into Jump Force in high resolution.

Jump Force has been an ongoing discussion in terms of the fanbase, as with each new character reveal comes a new adjustment to how they’re interpreted in the more “realistic” Unreal Engine-fueled style. My Hero Academia has a particularly exaggerated visual style, and it seems to have translated surprisingly well. A more recent set of character reveals for Jump Force was a set of three supporting characters from One PieceBleach and Dragon Ball, so this may not be the last we see from the My Hero Academia cast.

Considering the manga and anime are still ongoing (with the fourth season getting a release window of October 2019 today as well) and extremely popular, it wouldn’t be a surprise to see more.

If that isn’t enough My Hero Academia for you, you can also checkout our review of My Hero One’s Justice, which released back in October. It’s a very different style of fighter compared to Jump Force, and features all the character’s you’d expect from the show’s first two seasons.