Square Enix Jazz Vol. 2 Releases Today With Some Killer Tracks

Jazz and video games seem to go hand in hand, and developer/publisher Square Enix has just the treat for lovers of both. You can now get your hands on Square Enix Jazz Vol. 2, featuring some classic and modern tracks from their impressive lineup of games over the years. The record has a great mix of upbeat sporadic songs as well as the slower chill tracks that will set the mood.

The compilation record features the arrangements from respected composers, Eijiro Nakagawa and Ryu Kawamura.

Featuring tracks from Chrono Trigger, Nier: Automata, Final Fantasy XV, and more, this record has a a wide range of styles that will soothe your soul and possibly get you ready for some action. You can purchase the record in both digital and physical formats from the Square Enix Store, Amazon Music, and Sony Music Shop for 3000 Yen or around $27.00 USD.

The track-list features music from the following games:

  • Chrono Trigger
  • Final Fantasy
  • Final Fantasy Legend II
  • Final Fantasy VI
  • Final Fantasy XII
  • Final Fantasy XV
  • Legend of Mana
  • NieR: Automata
  • NieR Gestalt
  • NieR RepliCant
  • Romancing SaGa 2
  • Seiken Densetsu 3

Square Enix has an interesting time ahead, as the long awaited Kingdom Hearts III will finally be releasing on January 29, 2019. You can grab the newly announced Kingdom Hearts III PS4 Pro bundle that will release alongside the game.

Picking up Square Enix Jazz Vol. 2 might hold you over while you wait for Kingdom Hearts III and whatever else Square is developing.

[Source: Siliconera]