It’s a Very Metal Gear Christmas With Cam Clarke and David Hayter

The holidays are upon us, and sometimes that leads to silly things. Silly things like voice actors giving a little something special to their fans for no other reason than to maybe make some of them crack a smile. Cam Clarke and David Hayter, both legends in their own right, did exactly that. The two got together in front of a Christmas tree, dressed up like office coworkers who take holidays way too seriously, and forced the classic “The Night Before Christmas” story into a mold shaped like a Metal Gear. Look, just watch the video:

That was something else, wasn’t it? It’s always a treat to hear David Hayter bust out the ol’ Solid Snake voice, since he was tragically replaced with Keifer Sutherland for the Metal Gear Solid V series. Normally you’d have to retreat to Super Smash Bros. Ultimate to hear new Hayter/Snake content, but now this exists! Clarke is extremely Cam Clarke, and it’s always fun to hear his Leonardo come out when he gets excited.

If you want to hear more of these voices in your video games, you can find Hayter in Smash and Super Bomberman R reprising his Solid Snake role, and look forward to his role as Zangetsu in the upcoming Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night. He also plays Jeremiah in The Long Dark, and Lieutenant Renn in Dragon Age: Inquisition. Clarke can be found in the likes of Fire EmblemFinal Fantasy XIVSkylanders, the Tales Of series, and even Xenogears among others.