The Quiet Man Review

The Quiet Man Embraces the Criticism in This Accolades Trailer

Developed by Human Head Studios and published by Square Enix, The Quiet Man reviewed terribly. For those who are unfamiliar, the game is a story-driven brawler that uses full-motion video. Its gameplay and story are centered on the fact that the protagonist, Dane, is deaf. Dane’s deafness is presented as complete silence, meaning many parts of the game are devoid of sound, minus some musical cues for the player. Most of the game’s criticisms center on the poor story, clunky combat, and misrepresentation of the deaf community.

Currently sitting at a twenty-nine on Metacritic The Quiet Man is quite possibly the worst game to come from a major publisher in 2018. This is well-documented knowledge; there’s no hiding from it. So Square Enix has decided to steer into the skid with a unique accolades trailer.

Watch the company acknowledge the criticisms but end things on a positive note in the trailer below.

The trailer starts with a montage of negative review excerpts from both publications and users alike. But eventually, it moves into positive comments. Many of the ones selected are apologetic or refer to being “misled” by the negative conversations surrounding the game. Overall, the core argument Square Enix is making is, “Don’t knock it until you try it.” Because when you do, you may be pleasantly surprised. We didn’t find that to be the case, despite the game’s interesting premise and additional post-launch content. But if you think you will, The Quiet Man is available now on the PlayStation 4 and PC.

[Source: YouTube]