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Rainbow Six Siege Revenue is Dropping, Suggesting Possible Fatigue

A report from Nielsen’s SuperData has published several intriguing details on video game revenue, as reported from the month of November 2018. The report contains several surprising pieces of information, including what seems to be the onset of gaming fatigue for Ubisoft’s long-popular Rainbow Six Siege.

The report importantly acknowledges that, despite the game being on its third year of several “seasons” of content, 2018 has generally seen Rainbow Six Siege performing better than many analysts expected. However, in October 2018 the revenue intake for the game declined, and November saw an ever sharper decrease.

In fact, November’s revenue for Rainbow Six Siege was a 33% drop from October, which once again also saw a drop. SuperData states this is the biggest decline for the game to date, and states the game both “shows signs of fatigue,” but also cites the release of newer high-profile shooters towards the end of the year as a reason for the decline.

While Rainbow Six Siege seems to have struggled during a time when Call of DutyRed Dead Redemption, and other big games are thriving, this is far from a brick wall for Ubisoft. Rainbow Six Siege has expanded to China, and the esports scene for the team-based shooter appears to be thriving as well.

While the holiday season is always a cutthroat time for competition between big AAA releases, it will be interesting to see how these games fare going through 2019. What do you think, readers? Are we seeing the cracks form in the long-term service model, or was this holiday season just particularly competitive? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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