You’ll Be Blown Away by the Rainbow Six Siege Operation Wind Bastion

After previously announcing Year 3 Season 4 of Rainbow Six Siege would be called “Operation Wind Bastion,” new information on the next chapter of Ubisoft’s online shooter has blown in. We had previously heard it would take place in Morocco and received glimpses of the two new Operators, Nomad and Kaid. Now, a storm has come in, bringing with it even more information.

Nomad is an Attacker who has an Airjab Launcher used to expose Defenders hiding in the wings. Kaid, on the other hand, is a Defender who uses the environment to his advantage. His Rtila Electroclaw can electrify every metallic object in your area. In addition, the season’s new map, the Fortress, is his home.

Operation Wind Bastion will also redesign the Rainbow Six Siege shop, in an attempt to improve the user experience. Changes discussed include a full-screen view for weapons, a light theme, and more, hopefully making it a breeze to explore and find what you need.

Operation Wind Bastion is available on the Test Server right now. At launch, players who have the season pass will have access to Operation Wind Bastion a week before everyone else. While you may have to wait to get your hands on the new operators, all of the Year One operators are on sale until March 2019.

Season 4 is the end of a major year for Rainbow Six Siege. It reached a massive 30 million players in 2018, although it also began banning players for using insensitive language. It’s also in the process of preparing for a global expansion, although that involves some controversial visual changes.