Find Out Why Silver Sable Made J. Jonah Jameson So Mad in Spider-Man’s Silver Lining DLC

Insomniac Games has launched the final trailer for Marvel’s Spider-Man Silver Lining DLC. As with past DLC trailers, J. Jonah Jameson narrates it, and he sounds as angry as ever. Listen to the radio show host critique Spider-Man’s “theatrics” and the hero’s indecisiveness about costumes in the “Just the Facts” video. But, while the webslinger always gets the bulk of J. Jonah Jameson’s criticism, Black Cat, Hammerhead, and Silver Sable aren’t safe, either.

This time, everyone gets Jameson’s ire, and it’s all featured in one video. Interestingly, what specifically sets him off in this round of “Just the Facts” is Spider-Man’s constant suit changes. But with so many to choose from, how could Spider-Man possibly stick to just a single uniform? Perhaps the recent addition of the Raimi suit will help.

The final story arc in the City That Never Sleeps DLC pack will see Spider-Man go head-to-head with Silver Sable. Meanwhile, villains from the previous two DLC releases, Black Cat and Hammerhead, are still roaming the streets. Will The Friendly Neighbor Hood Spider-Man be able to bring them all into custody? J. Jonah Jameson surely does not seem to believe so. However, despite the harsh words of Jameson, the webslinger has yet to fail his city. It’s doubtful he will do so now.

The Silver Lining DLC for Marvel’s Spider-Man is available now on the PlayStation 4. Each of the three DLC releases can be purchased separately for $9.99 a piece. Purchasing the City That Never Sleeps pack in its entirety costs $24.99.