Find Out Why Hammerhead Is Facing J. Jonah Jameson’s Fury in Marvel’s Spider-Man’s Turf Wars

Throughout Marvel’s Spider-Man, J. Jonah Jameson uses his show to harshly critique those he deems responsible for Manhattan’s rising crime rate. While Spider-Man usually gets most of Jameson’s ire, the show host sets his sights on a new public menace in the Turf Wars DLC: Hammerhead. Jameson explains how Hammerhead and others are responsible for the city’s downfall in the Turf Wars launch trailer.

Check it out below:

With Wilson Fisk imprisoned, Hammerhead, a Don in the Maggia crime family, spotted the perfect opportunity for him to take control. Using stolen technology left behind by Sable International, Hammerhead and his gang declare war on other Maggia crime family members. In Turf Wars, with a gang war brewing and the city about to descend into madness, Spider-Man and Yuri Watanabe serve as the last line of defense.

Jameson airs his fury about all of it. According to him, Hammerhead only gained control because of the police department’s incompetence. Spider-Man, as Jameson reminds his listeners in the launch trailer, is nothing but another criminal. Who can the people of New York trust to get the job done, then? Who will protect them from the ensuing chaos? As usual, Jameson doesn’t offer any answers.

As Spider-Man, players must rise to the occasion. Turf Wars will give fans the chance to do just that, as it is immediately available. Turf Wars is included in The City That Never Sleeps DLC pack, which costs $24.99. However, those wanting to buy the extra story content in separate chunks can do so for $9.99 a piece.