Log Into Rainbow Six Siege Before 2018 Ends to Get a Free Operator or Renown

There are plenty of game-related ways to celebrate the holiday season. The development team behind Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft Montreal, is choosing to celebrate by offering players free content in a Holiday Pack. For simply logging into Rainbow Six Siege, players will receive an Operator free of charge. Those who already have every Operator unlocked will instead be rewarded with 25,000 Renown.

This offer is not indefinite, though. To earn one of these rewards, players must sign on between now and January 1, 2019.

The news was announced on Rainbow Six Siege’s official Twitter page. Check out the post below:

This information was later followed up with a subsequent tweet addressing issues concerning the Holiday Pack. Apparently, some fans who already own every Operator are having trouble redeeming the 25,000 Renown as promised. According to the Twitter post, Rainbow Six Siege’s development team is “investigating” the issue. At the time of writing, an update on this matter has yet to surface.

Beyond a free Holiday Pack, content continues to roll out for Rainbow Six Siege. Most recently, Ubisoft launched Operation Wind Bastion, Siege’s fourth season of content. The fourth season brought with it a Moroccan setting, new map, and two new operators–a Defender named Kaid and an Attacker called Nomad.

[Source: Rainbow Six Siege on Twitter via Destructoid]