Quantic Dream Is Teasing a New Announcement

French studio Quantic Dream experienced plenty of ups in 2018, thanks to the incredible success of Detroit: Become Human. However, legal troubles struck the developer, as well. Regardless, Quantic Dream is choosing to look on the bright side of things, and celebrate a “fabulous” year. It has done so by taking to Twitter to thank fans and tease an upcoming announcement. However, the company has only promised that “great news” is on the way.

Check out the tweet in question below:

What this news could potentially involve is anyone’s guess. The most obvious choice is that it could concern Detroit: Become Human. Not long after the game’s launch in May 2018, Director David Cage said the team hadn’t ruled out adding some sort of DLC. Yet, precedent suggests Detroit DLC may not be on the cards. For instance, Heavy Rain’s DLC rollout during the PlayStation 3-era was never completed.

It also seems possible that Quantic Dream may have something entirely new to reveal. Perhaps not a new game, but maybe something akin to the “Kara” short or The Dark Sorcerer demo video. Whatever the studio has planned, fans are sure to be awaiting details with bated breath.

Despite launching earlier this year, Detroit: Become Human is already considered Quantic Dream’s fastest-selling game to date. With two million copies sold after five months on the market, Detroit could be well on its way to outselling Heavy Rain.

[Source: Quantic Dream on Twitter]