A New Fallout 76 Glitch Is Preventing Players From Accessing Nuclear Silos

A new Fallout 76 nuke glitch is currently being investigated by Bethesda. Nuke codes did not properly reset this week, and players are reporting that it is currently impossible to access the nuclear silos. At one point, it was speculated that Bethesda had intentionally disabled nuke functionality after news of a New Year Whitesprings nuke event had gone viral, but now we know that it is actually a bug.

Redditor Waffle_cop posted a great summary of the glitch for Fallout 76 fans who might be logging back in for the first time since the holiday:

  • The codes were correctly removed from my inventory at the correct time.
  • Once the codes were wiped I started to farm the new codes, they ended up being the same as last weeks.
  • the words stayed on the board until ~ 9PM PST and then they disappeared it says both completed and incomplete on the wall.
  • Access to the silos is also being denied.
  • You cannot search for more code pieces.
  • The missile silo holotape shows that they are temporarily unavailable. for 9+ hours now.

The thread gained quite a bit of traction, and a Bethesda community manager chimed in to let everyone know that the team is looking into the issue. The message is as follows:

Hey everyone, just sharing the news that we’re actively investigating the nuke silo access issue. We are currently planning to release a hotfix tomorrow. Keep an eye out on the @BethesdaSupport twitter for updates as always.

“Tomorrow” would be January 2, 2019, but at this time, the official support page does not have any updates to report. We’re expecting the nuke glitch to be ironed out imminently, and in the very near future we should see a much larger update that adds many player-requested features, so stay tuned!