God of War Fan Used LEGOs to Recreate Alfheim in Stunning Detail

Pushing a boat into the waters of Alfheim and rowing into its large hub area is one of God of War‘s most memorable moments. It’s Santa Monica Studio’s spectacular use of color that truly sells this particular part of the experience. Now, these moments of awe have been recreated in LEGO form.

Marius Herrmann, a LEGO hobbyist, recently shared his build of Alfheim on Twitter. Included in Herrmann’s recreation is the area surrounding Sindri’s shop and the stream enclosed by beautiful pink and white trees. He even used small minifigs of Kratos and Atreus.

See Herrmann’s incredible work in the tweet below:

It’s not only fans that have taken notice of Herrmann’s work. Santa Monica Studio’s official Twitter account also showered the artist with praise. God of War’s Creative Director Cory Barlog has done the same. Herrmann’s creation led many fans to tweet at The LEGO Group, sharing their desire of an God of War set. Yet, such a move seems unlikely for the time being. Despite the medium’s popularity, official video game-specific LEGO sets remain pretty rare. A few of the better known sets include those for Minecraft, Prince of Persia, and the recently released Overwatch sets.

For fans looking to show off their love for God of War with official merchandise, there are a number of options from which to choose. NECA Toys has released Kratos and Atreus figurines. Art dealers Cook and Becker sell gorgeous God of War art prints. Mondo also produced a Kratos figure that seems worth checking out.

[Source: Marius Herrmann on Twitter]