Mondo Unveils Detailed God of War Figure Ahead of San Diego Comic-Con

God of War hit PlayStation 4 several months ago, yet still manages to find itself at the center of attention. Impressive sales data and early game of the year talks aren’t the only subjects keeping the momentum, either. If a property performs well in its respective medium, you can bet collectibles are incoming. For God of War, gorgeous art prints are already making the rounds. Now, Mondo is diving into the excitement, as well.

San Diego Comic-Con kicks off today and will continue through July 22. Before the convention officially begins, however, Mondo has unveiled the Kratos figure that will be on display at the company’s booth. Check it out below:

god of war kratos figure

The figure is 1/6 in scale, stands 12.5 inches tall, and has 25 points of articulation. Kratos dons the gear he wears early in the game and appropriately wields the Leviathan Axe. However, what’s on display is not wholly representative of the final product. In addition to what you see above, the Kratos figure also features interchangeable heads, accessories, and multiple weapons.

If you’re attending San Diego Comic-Con and wish to see the figure up close, stop by Mondo’s display, Booth #435. Other items the company plans to show off include Masters of the Universe’s He-Man and Skeletor figures, a Predator tiki mug, and much more. These items are currently without an official release date and price, but preorders go live sometime later this year.

[Source via GameSpot]