Rumor: PlayStation 4 Has Crossed 90 Million Units Sold

As of late October 2018, Sony’s financials indicated that PlayStation 4 reached 86.1 million units in sales. In a few months’ time, it seems yet another milestone may have been crossed. Reportedly, the PS4 has surpassed ninety million units sold worldwide. Walmart Canada’s Senior Gaming, Tech and Media Editor, Paul Hunter, revealed the figure on his personal Twitter account. Without an official report from Sony, it’s probably best to take this number as rumor for now.

Should the ninety million milestone prove factual, it will not be considered too much of a surprise. The PlayStation 4 moving four million units during 2018’s November and December months certainly seems plausible. In fact, during the same period in 2017, the PS4 accounted for 5.9 million console sales. While this particular figure was down from the 2016 holiday season’s sales of 6.2 million PS4 units, it still managed to impress.

It stands to reason that the console may have experienced similar success in 2018’s final months. Black Friday and holiday sales, along with major fall releases like Call of Duty: Black Ops 4, Battlefield V, and Red Dead Redemption 2 are bound to have attracted newcomers to the system.

Regardless of where PS4 sales currently stand, 2018 in its entirety was an incredible year for the platform. Exclusives such as God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, both of which broke sales records, certainly contributed to the PS4’s success. It will be interesting to see how the platform fares in 2019, especially with so many questions surrounding release dates for titles from first-party studios.

[Source: Paul Hunter on Twitter]