Left Alive Director Teases More Information About the Game

Since its TGS 2017 reveal, Square Enix’s Left Alive has remained somewhat of an enigma. Every so often, details trickle out, but they’re hardly ever substantial. Apparently, that will soon change. Left Alive’s Japanese Twitter account recently posted a message from Director Toshifumi Nabeshima stating that new information is on the way. The news was shared alongside new pieces of art for Left Alive.

Translated by Twinfinite, Nabeshima’s message acknowledges that the team has been very tight-lipped. With just under two months to go before launch, he intends to begin sharing more details soon. When this information will surface and in what way currently remains to be seen.

Nabeshima wasn’t the only member of the development team to tease Left Alive via Twitter. Producer Shinji Hashimoto also released a brief message, wishing fans a happy New Year. In his message, Hashimoto told fans that the team is awaiting players that will soon join them on the battlefield. However, he warned against rushing, noting that each action should be taken with great care. This is in line with a recent trailer that demonstrated how “every choice matters.”

Art has also been shared on social media. One piece of art includes artwork from Metal Gear artist Yoji Shinkawa that will feature in Left Alive’s art book. Artwork from Art Director Yuya Ishihata, who also has Metal Gear on his résumé, had art of his shared, which adorably depicts Left Alive’s three protagonistsThe final piece is a screenshot, showing off the title’s festive qualities as a Christmas tree can be seen in the background behind Mikhail.

Each of the three images can be seen in the gallery below:

Left Alive launches in Japan on the PlayStation 4 on February 28, 2019. It will hit North American and Europe on March 5th.

[Source via Twinfinite]