David Cage Teasing ‘Exciting’ Plans for 2019, Fans Think It’s Detroit: Become Human Connor DLC

On new year’s eve, Quantic Dream’s official Twitter account asked fans to “stay tuned” for some “great news,” giving birth to speculation that the developer may be working on downloadable content for its hit title, Detroit: Become Human. However, given the studio’s history, some remained skeptical.

Quantic Dream’s founder, David Cage, has now jumped in.

In a tweet this weekend, Cage wished fans a happy new year and teased “exciting plans” for 2019 with the hashtags Detroit: Become Human and Connor Army alongside the following image:

Fans think the hashtags suggest that Quantic Dream is working on Detroit: Become Human DLC, and it’ll focus on fan favorite police investigator and android, Connor.

Whether the studio has changed its stance on DLC or not remains to be seen, and we’re certainly not holding our breath. However, the idea doesn’t seem like a stretch considering Detroit: Become Human has become Quantic Dream’s most successful project to date. With two million copies sold as of December 2018, it’s also the studio’s fastest-selling title.

What do our readers think David Cage is teasing? A new game, DLC, or a full-fledged expansion?

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