The Dark Devotion Reveals Hellish New Monstrosities and Bosses

A Dark Devotion release date still eludes us, but now we know that it is officially slated to launch “early” in 2019 for the PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, and PC. In addition, publisher The Arcade Crew (which is also publishing the amazing Blazing Chrome) released a new boss trailer for Dark Devotion. It goes ahead and reveals a few new baddies, and they look terrifying in the best possible way. Check it out above.

For those of you hearing about and seeing Dark Devotion for the first time, yes, it is as gnarly as it looks. PC players have been fortunate enough to beta test this game for months, and the feedback has been extremely positive. Imagine Castlevania and Dead Cells meeting in a bar, falling in love, and conceiving a child (with a deep-trance remix of Slayer’s “Dead Skin Mask” playing in the background, probably). The child borne from that occult love ritual would be Dark Devotion.

The comparison to Dead Cells is probably the most apt. This is a “roguelike” game in which you lose everything upon death. Your experience, however, will carry over between runs, so your character ultimately does get stronger each time around. You can also unlock weapons and equipment to potentially spawn at the beginning of every fresh start, like Dead Cells.

The major difference here is that the map in Dark Devotion, while non-linear, is not randomly generated like it is in Dead Cells. This is why “Metroidvania” fans are all over this one. As you brave new territory and slash your way down dark new corridors, you’ll be discovering secret rooms and barred doors that you’ll want to come back to later when you’re more prepared.

We’ll be keeping our eye on this one. The Arcade Crew should be updating us in the coming weeks with a release date, so we’ll let you know straight away when you can look forward to playing.