Take Part in the Overwatch Ana Bastet Challenge for an Exclusive Skin

Everyone loves a new skin in Overwatch, and Ana’s newest look may be one of her best. Following the release of the newest Overwatch short story, “Bastet,” a new mini-event went live, letting players get Ana’s look from the story in the game. By winning matches in Quick Play, Arcade, and Competitive Play from now until January 21, 2019, you’ll be able to get your hands on some exclusive Ana-centric cosmetics.

To get win these cosmetics, you’ll have to rack up some serious wins. Winning three games gets you the all new Bastet player icon. Six wins will get you an especially-cool victory pose, so you can do some double-duty in the bragging department. However, the real draw here is no doubt the epic Bastet skin, which is only available through this event.

The skin is based off the Bastet identity Ana takes up in the short story. She takes up the guise in order to act as a protector for the people of Cairo, while hiding her identity at the same time. The short story is also notable for confirming the sexuality of one of Overwatch’s original heroes.

You also have the opportunity to get items without playing the game, as well. By watching certain Twitch streamers at certain times, you can get your hands on some special sprays. Just make sure you have your Battle.net account linked to your Twitch account, or else you won’t get the rewards.

This event is structured very similarly to the D.Va-centric event that occurred in late 2018. We could see more of these hero-centric mini-events take place throughout the year. It would definitely help keep things fresh in-between the big seasonal events.

Are you going to take part in this event? Let us know!

[Source: Blizzard]