THQ Nordic Picks Up Outcast IP From Its Original Creators

THQ Nordic’s shopping spree seems to have no end in sight. This time, the company has acquired the Outcast IP. A deal with the franchise’s original three creators has recently been finalized. As with many of THQ Nordic’s acquisitions, its plans for this IP are currently unknown.

Originally developed by the Belgian studio Appeal, Outcast hit store shelves in 1999 for PC. An adventure game with a curious plot and a compelling setting, Outcast’s acclaim was immediate. It even went on to earn GameSpot’s “Adventure Game of the Year” award.

The story takes place in 2007, when the United States government successfully made contact with an alternate universe’s alien world, Adelpha. This accomplishment soon resulted in a nightmare situation, as a black hole opened and put the Earth at severe risk. To close the black hole, Cutter Slade, a U.S. Navy Seal, must escort three scientists to Adelpha. Upon their arrival, the group is separated and Slade finds himself in a situation where natives of Adelpha consider him their savior.

Appeal began development on a sequel in 2001, Outcast II: The Lost Paradise. However, the team was unable to see the project through to completion due to financial troubles. This didn’t serve as the franchise’s final curtain call, however. Remasters and digital re-releases have kept it going. In fact, Outcast received a remake in 2017, Outcast: Second Contact, which launched across PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One platforms.

Outcast’s recent resurgence and THQ Nordic acquisition doesn’t necessarily mean the future looks bright for the series. Previously, the company’s CEO Lars Wingefors has said not to expect every THQ Nordic-owned IP to receive a sequel. Whether Outcast will eventually become one such IP can’t possibly be discerned at this time.

[Source: Gematsu]