Don’t Expect Sequels from Every THQ Nordic-Owned IP, Says CEO

Since its founding in 2011, THQ Nordic has been on a shopping spree, acquiring assets and IP at every turn. Reportedly, the publisher has accumulated over one hundred properties. Yet, it’s unlikely that all of them will receive another chance to shine. According to THQ Nordic’s CEO Lars Wingefors, not every IP is on track for a sequel.

In an interview with, where he responded to Darksiders III’s middling reviews, Wingefors briefly touched on the publisher’s plans for its numerous properties. Apparently, and unsurprisingly, a plan hasn’t been applied to all of them, as waning relevancy means some titles will be cast aside. Wingefors told the publication, “Out of the more than 100 IPs we own, you shouldn’t expect sequels from all of them because not all IPs are relevant any more.”

Again, this revelation isn’t a surprising one. While many consumers are chomping at the bit for more Kingdoms of Amalur and TimeSplitters, how many covet sequels to the likes of All Star Karate or Armored Fist? Possibly very few.

Still, THQ Nordic has plenty up its sleeve, much of which the public remains in the dark about. This is most notably evident in the company recently boasting that it has 55 games in development. Interestingly, 35 of those games have yet to be revealed. What these titles are and which studios could be tackling them is anyone’s guess.

THQ Nordic’s most recent release, Darksiders III, is in stores now for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One.