Hitman HD Enhanced Collection Cleans Up Nicely

As previously announced, two classic Hitman titles have made it to modern consoles. You can enjoy a cleaner, crisper version of Hitman: Absolution and Hitman: Blood Money, now that the collection has launched. Take a look at how the game has been polished for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in the launch trailer above.

The video features gameplay from both titles, clearly labeled so you know exactly which story is being shown on screen. We witness Agent 47 dual-wielding guns, naturally with silencers on, and landing some impressive headshots. When things shift to Hitman: Blood Money we watch a sniper rifle zoom in on a target and get a glimpse of some iconic Agent 47 disguises as he casually strolls through crowds.

At the time of announcement, we weren’t sure what the price would be, but now that it’s out we know the collection costs $59.99. This isn’t the greatest deal, but you do technically get two AAA games for the price of one.

Plus these aren’t just old games paired together. The enhancements made to these games give players Agent 47’s story in 4K running at 60fps. The fact that this is just an enhancement, however, means it won’t look as good as games that have gotten the remaster or remake treatment. Still, it’s the best way to experience these hits.

With Hitman 2 having released just a few months ago, this could be a great way to go back and brush up on some assassin history. Check it out before targeting the most recent release, if you haven’t played it yet.

[Source: YouTube]