Necrosphere Deluxe Release Date

Retro Adventure Platformer Necrosphere Deluxe Out on PS4 and PS Vita Soon

Metroidvanias have been growing in popularity over the past couple of years, shining the spotlight on a fun sub-genre that definitely deserves attention. If you’re looking for another 2D adventure platformer full of challenging exploration, look no further, because Necrosphere Deluxe will be making its way to PS4 and PS Vita at the end of the month.

Necrosphere Deluxe is simple, giving you a minimalist art style and control scheme that’s easy to comprehend. That doesn’t mean getting through this adventure will be easy, though. In fact, developer, Cat Nigiri aims to challenge the masters of super-hard platformers while still making a game accessible enough to welcome newcomers.

It’s unclear if that balance will play out that way, exactly, but it is apparent that the aim for minimalism is here, most prominently depicted in its two-button control scheme. The simple controls are meant to be inviting, while the levels themselves include “devilish trials” that are meant to help you improve your platforming skills.

After the main character, a secret agent, dies on a mission, he awakens in the Necrosphere and must fight his way through many obstacles to escape. You’ll be collecting game-changing items, bouncing off gravity bubbles, zooming around in a jetpack, and probably dying. A lot. All of this happens while trying to return to the Normalsphere.

Even if you’ve never played a Metroidvania before, this one seems like it could be a great starting point, since its aim is simplicity. Necrosphere Deluxe joins the many fantastic options for adventure platformers like Hollow Knight, Guacamelee 2, Dead Cells, and Salt and Sanctuary, to name a few. It should match the quality of those aforementioned games, as it currently holds positive reviews for the PC version. The best part is that will launch on January 31, 2019, for PS4 and PS Vita and only cost $9.99.

Will you be getting Necrosphere Deluxe at the end of the month? Let us know in the comments!