Anthem’s Stunning Glow in the Dark Steelbook Case Is Exclusive to Amazon UK

Steelbook cases are a fun addition to any film or game collection. Being neat to look at and functional makes them one of the best kinds of collector’s items. Anthem is bound to make many collectors very happy, then, as it has steelbooks of its own that seem worthy of the extra costs. However, the steelbook edition exclusively available on Amazon UK warrants the most attention. It’s glow in the dark and a stunning work of art.

See an image of the Amazon UK exclusive below, which features dark and light comparisons.

Anthem Steelbook Edition Amazon UK

The glowing steelbook case is very well done, and costs £69.98. It can also be purchased through Amazon UK alongside the Legion of Dawn Edition for £89.98. Based on the Amazon UK listings alone, it does not appear as though this steelbook can be purchased separately.

In the United States, Anthem unfortunately lacks a proper steelbook edition. Even the US version of the Legion of Dawn Edition only features digital extras. However, US fans can still grab an Anthem steelbook at Best Buy. It costs $9.99, only comes with the case itself, and has no glow in the dark features. Perhaps Best Buy’s offering isn’t as fancy as what Amazon UK has in stock, but something seems better than nothing at all.

For those interested in expressing excitement for Anthem in other ways, Numskull is launching merchandise for BioWare’s latest. Currently, the merchandise includes a hat, t-shirt, key chain, and mugs. Preorders have already gone live for all of the items, which will launch the same day as Anthem.

BioWare has a VIP demo planned for Anthem that will go live on January 25th. A public demo is scheduled to launch a week later on February 1st. Anthem’s full release will launch for the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

[Source: Amazon UK via MP1st]