Hitman 2’s Free Winter Sports Pack Lets You Hurl Deadly Snowballs at Your Enemies

As Hitman 2 players eagerly kick off the Snow Festival in Hokkaido, IO Interactive is offering a free Winter Sports Pack for all expansion pass owners. The Winter Sports Pack offers a variety of deadly items and new suit for Agent 47. It is now available for your winter activity needs.

Most Hitman fans will be pumped to check out the new briefcase, which has be re-purposed as an “Arctic Tool Box,” but by far the most amusing new item is the snowball. This tightly-packed and incredibly dense snowball can be thrown at enemies to distract and annoy them. In fact, if you watch the footage in the trailer, it looks like it’s capable of knocking them completely off of their feet. Buddy the elf would be proud.

Here’s everything included in your free Winter Sports Pack:

  • Winter Sports Suit – A tight-fitting, multi-colored thin sweater with matching dark grey cargo pants, featuring reinforced knees, along with neoprene-laced gloves and a matching canteen to fit in at any ski-themed event.
  • Snowball – A tightly packed snowball that can be used as a throwing item to annoy any adversary.
  • Piton – A metal spike for climbing that is sharp enough to use as a lethal weapon.
  • Quickdraw – Climbing gear that can double as a fiber wire in tight situations.
  • Arctic Tool Box – A handy toolbox for arctic conditions that can be used to hide illegal items.

Don’t forget that even if you don’t own the Hitman 2 Legacy Pack, Hokkaido will open up to you throughout the duration of the Snow Festival, which concludes on February 12, 2019. All of your progress will carry over into your game regularly. If you own the Legacy Pack, the Snow Festival content is obviously available to you for free as well.