Avalanche Studios’ Open-World Shooter Generation Zero Will Launch in March 2019

Avalanche Studios has another open-world title on the horizon, following the release of Just Cause 4. The four-player co-op shooter Generation Zero will launch on the PlayStation 4, PC, and Xbox One on March 26, 2019. With news of the release date also came details concerning the game’s price. On consoles, buyers should expect to spend $40. Meanwhile, PC players can grab a copy for $35. For preordering Generation Zero, players will gain access to 12 pieces of clothing and customization items, all of which feature in the Radical Vanity Pack.

Avalanche and publisher THQ Nordic also announced a collector’s edition, which will be priced at $80. Featured inside this edition of Generation Zero is a shirt, cloth map, a Dalecarlian (Dala) horse statue, a steelbook case, and concept art postcards. Contents in the collector’s edition are depicted in the image below:

generation zero release date

The Just Cause studio unveiled Generation Zero in June 2018. Apart from a gameplay trailer and beta testing details, little of the title has been shown. It has a compelling premise, though. Set in Sweden in the 1980s, Generation Zero centers on teens learning to survive in a world where hostile robots have taken over. Players will choose the teen of their choice to play as. From there, players can either venture into the open-world alone, or join a team of up to four.

Thanks to Avalanche’s proprietary Apex Engine, which powers Just Cause 4, Generation Zero will feature a day/night cycle, complex weather system, and advanced AI. How this will all factor into the overall experience should be a treat to see. Luckily, with the release date only two months out, the wait to know more is nearly over.

[Source: VG247]