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Bethesda Is Selling a $276 Fallout 76 Jacket

Luxurious, video game-related clothing is nothing new. From the $92 white henley shirt from Red Dead Redemption 2 to the $8,000 you’d need to shell out for Dante’s Coat from Devil May Cry 5, fandom comes at the highest price you’re willing to pay. Now Bethesda has a luxury good of its own. This Fallout 76 premium lambskin leather jacket costs $276.

Take a look at the vibrant blue and glittery gold detailing below.

Product Description:

  • Original custom neck label issued from the vault
  • Black leather 76 patch on front
  • Metallic gold 76 appliqué on the back
  • Asymmetrical back seam, metallic gold piecing and bicep arm pads all inspired by the Vault Suit
  • Metallic gold hardware including a custom bolt zipper pull
  • Adjustable cuffs for the wrists
  • Lined in silky, shiny taffeta fabric
  • Comes packaged inside a Fallout 76 garment bag

Unsurprisingly, the jokes poured in when the official Fallout Twitter account posted about this. It doesn’t help that the item comes in a garment bag which inevitably reminds fans of the botched collector’s edition bag, which was nylon instead of canvas and inadvertently led to people’s personal information getting revealed when they tried to create support tickets. The jacket’s blue color has also led people to draw comparisons between the garment and tarps/Ikea bags.

But at the end of the day, people are just upset over how Fallout 76 turned out. Still, there are those who will buy this jacket. There are also those who are still playing Fallout 76, a game Bethesda continues to work on with some major content updates coming this year.

The jokes may never fully go away, but improving the quality of a poorly received game and having strong releases in the future can always turn things around.

[Source: Bethesda Gear and Twitter]