Skybound Games May Consider Developing More The Walking Dead Games

After Telltale Games shuttered, Skybound Games picked up development on The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The fruits of this task have recently emerged with the third episode’s launch and the fourth and final episode being set for a March 2019 release. Now, it seems Skybound is looking beyond the last outing for Clem. Apparently, the company is considering the development of other The Walking Dead games.

The Walking Dead’s official Twitter account posed a question to fans, hypothetically asking what kind of games the community wants to see next. Hours later, the Skybound account responded with a tweet of its own, telling fans to think “beyond” the titles that already exist. Check out both tweets below:

Should Skybound explore a new series beyond the ones currently in place, it’s unlikely to become public knowledge for some time. Still, this news merits attention. With Clem’s adventure winding down and Overkill’s The Walking Dead struggling, especially as the console release undergoes yet another delay, the franchise’s gaming output will soon come to an end. Since it’s been so commercially lucrative in the past, Skybound is sure to desire a way in which to capitalize on the continued excitement the franchise brings.

The fourth and final episode of The Walking Dead will launch on March 26, 2019.

[Source: TWD and Skybound on Twitter]