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Release of the Week 1/28/19 – 2/3/19 – Kingdom Hearts III

This really was no contest, right? I’m not just saying that because I’m reviewing it, either. Fans have been salivating for Kingdom Hearts III pretty much since they finished Kingdom Hearts II. Nearly fifteen years, two DS games, one PSP game, and one 3DS game (plus a quite a few remasters) later, we finally have the official third installment.

The biggest question on everyone’s minds will be, can this game meet 15 years of built up expectations? Will this convoluted story come together? Will the combat finally be fluid? So many questions. So many eager hands to get on controllers.

If you read through Michael’s lovely info wrap up on Kingdom Hearts III, then you know this long-awaited title is anything but a third installment. Kingdom Hearts is far from the only series to have a bunch of spin-off titles. However, it’s one of the few to have spin-offs actually be important to its overall story. If you skipped Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories because it was on the GBA and not the PS2, then you were most likely incredibly lost when starting Kingdom Hearts II. The same will most likely be true for Kingdom Hearts III. There’s a reason Square Enix has been pumping out those remastered versions of the past games, you know.

It’s too bad for Xbox One owners that the remastered versions didn’t port over to the Xbox One, though. Those poor guys picking up KH3 for the first time are going to be so lost. Guess they should have been PlayStation owners since day one, AMIRITE? I kid, I kid. Maybe.

Honestly, that’s been the craziest part of this whole release. Square Enix doesn’t need to drum up the hype for those who have played all of the versions of the various Kingdom Hearts titles, or even fans who played the originals and nothing else. It knows it has them, hook, line, and sinker. But it’s the newcomers that Square Enix has really been playing up to. The company has been drumming up the hype for those who have never played one of the games. It has pushed its fans to also keep that hype train rolling on in. I’ve never heard so many people who have never played a KH game before want to play this newest KH game, versus a new game in any other series before. It’s insane.

I guess we’ll find out tomorrow, January 29, 2019, if Square Enix has made this all worth the wait for the fans and if it will appease newbies. It’s quite the tall order.

Well, at least we know it won’t be as bad as the Final Fantasy XIII trilogy, right? RIGHT?

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