PSA: There’s a Fake PlayStation Meeting Announcement Making the Rounds

Everyone is exciting about the PlayStation 5. Particularly, we’re all excited about that very palpable vibe of the industry ramping up to the next console generation. Nothing is confirmed yet, but that doesn’t stop rumor-mongers and bad actors from trying to take advantage of the community’s excitement for a laugh. That has happened this afternoon, as a somewhat well-faked email went out to press “announcing” a new PlayStation Meeting.

As shown by Kotaku newsie Jason Schreier, an email dressed up to resemble communication from Sony Interactive Entertainment went out to people in the industry, announcing a special PlayStation Meeting for February 20, 2019. This managed to make its way through a few news outlets and has spread a bit on social media as well. However, as Schreier himself points out, the actual email address is totally not official, exposing the announcement as a well-constructed hoax for those looking at the finer details.

Obviously we’re all excited for the PlayStation 5 or whatever is coming next from Sony and the PlayStation brand, but times like this are great reminders that boarding the hype train comes with its own set of warning labels. It’s important to take stuff like this, especially as it pertains to such substantial announcements, with every grain of salt imaginable, even if something that looks like official communication starts floating around.

Naturally, when the time finally does come for the next big PlayStation announcement, you know exactly where to find it, dear readers. And while talking about rumors is fun too, a good rule of thumb is to note when stories are labeled as such.