PS4 Participation Trophy

Participation Trophy – January 2019

January is a month of renewal, as the new year gets kicked off. We’ve decided to relaunch a feature on PlayStation LifeStyle, where the lowest-scoring games of the month are highlighted. We’re calling it the Participation Trophy. Here, we’ll not only summarize what didn’t work with each game, but also impart some constructive criticism for ways things could be improved.

While January 2019 had a few notable stellar releases, chief among them the much-awaited Kingdom Hearts III, there were also plenty of games which had plenty of room for improvement. These are the games which are best avoided for now.

Our condolences go out to Lucas White, who reviewed two of the three featured games.

What do you think? Were we too harsh on some of these titles? Or were there other games released last month that should’ve been included here instead? Let us know in the comments below.