Beat saber Expert+ psvr difficulty

Beat Saber Expert+ Difficulty Levels Ready to Kick Your Ass on PSVR

Just when I thought I had gotten pretty decent at the art of cutting cubes with laser swords in time with music, Beat Games kicks down my door and yells “Think again, buddy!” while some horrifying yet beautiful amalgamation of Legend and POP/STARS plays from apparently nowhere. After a brief delay, the Beat Saber Expert+ difficulty levels are now live on PSVR, and it’s a verified fact that they will kick your ass.

More cubes, more crossovers, and more wide arm swings that will have anyone nearby running for cover, the free Expert+ update doesn’t add any new songs but it will test everything you thought you knew about the VR rhythm game and fill your screen with more sliced cube bits than even Darth Maul himself knows what to do with. A new menu option was included with the update that allows players to “Reduce Debris,” which should make visibility a little bit better while frantically chopping every block that comes your way.

If you’re not ready to step up your game yet, don’t fret. New songs are coming soon. Beat Games is hard at work on that first DLC pack, which should include ten additional songs. After that, we should see song packs more frequently added to PSVR, once they’ve ironed out some of the difficulties with porting levels to the PlayStation VR platform. Not looking to buy new music? (Shame on you! Support the developer and their continued support of the game!) Beat Games has confirmed that more free songs will be made available for all the freeloaders out there. If they’re of the same caliber as POP/STARS, then even those who don’t buy additional song packs are in for a treat. But seriously, you should probably consider purchasing the extra song packs.

Beat Games was also happy to promote their merch so that you can get a new shirts after you sweat your way through your current wardrobe. I promise you, no matter how cold your significant other keep the thermostat in the house, Beat Saber will absolutely get you sweating. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water, because Expert+ is going to have you wicking a lot of moisture.

Don’t forget that Beat Games has been working with their artists to ensure that you can stream and post gameplay without running into copyright strikes due to the music. What this means for future music on the platform (and whether or not Beat Saber will ever get licensed music from popular artists) remains to be seen, but at least right now you can show off your frantic failures as you attempt to cut your way through Expert+ on PSVR.

If you don’t have a PSVR yet, you can get a bundle with Borderlands 2 and Beat Saber on Amazon right now. You can also pick up the Beat Saber soundtrack (both Volume 1 and Volume 2) if you want to listen to those sweet grooves outside of the headset.