All Beat Saber Tracks Can Now Be Streamed/Posted Without Copyright Strikes

YouTube Content ID has now been turned off for all Beat Saber songs. This means fans can now monetize videos that include Beat Saber‘s music without getting hit with a copyright strike. The news arrived via the official Beat Saber Twitter account.

Back in spring 2018, the developers, Beat Games, were able to turn off YouTube Content ID for the game’s original soundtrack, but more tracks have been added since then. Now, both Beat Saber Original Soundtrack Volume I and II can be shared without risking your channel’s good standing.

This is great news for streamers and content creators, but also players who are looking to learn more about the game. Being able to hear the music that goes along with this rhythm game is crucial to getting an accurate sense of what to expect. But, just as the team at Beat Games mentioned, a big thanks has to go directly to the artists who gave the green light for this. After all, it was their music that was causing the strikes to occur. Hopefully, this trend continues as more songs get added.

You can show your support for these songs by buying the game or streaming the album on Apple Music, Spotify, or via Amazon Prime. The album is also available for digital purchase on Amazon.

[Source: Twitter]