Think You Need These New Netflix’s Castlevania Funko Pop Figures on Your Shelf?

Ahead of New York Toy Fair’s 2019 festivities, Funko has announced a new line of Castlevania Pop! figures. This line stars the characters as they appear in Netflix’s acclaimed animated series. Thus far, only figures for five characters have been unveiled: Trevor Belmont, Dracula, Alucard, Blue Fangs, and Sypha Belnades. A release date for these figures has yet to be confirmed. However, Funko is at least teasing that all will be “coming soon.”

Get a look at the design for each of Funko’s five Castlevania figures in the image gallery below.

This gives fans of the series something else to look forward to, while the wait for Castlevania’s already greenlit third season persists. The season three renewal could not have come at a better time, as it was announced on Halloween, just days after the show’s sophomore effort began streaming. Rave reviews and adoration from fans no doubt played a part in Netflix’s swift decision, in addition to the show’s quality, of course.

A few more surprises are expected to come out of New York Toy Fair, too. For example, McFarlane Toys recently teased something Mortal Kombat-related, possibly hinting at a new line of toys for the long-running series. Whether or not McFarlane’s merchandise will directly relate to the imminent Mortal Kombat 11 remains to be seen. Thankfully, news on this front is bound to emerge out of the weekend’s festivities. And who knows what other information New York Toy Fair may unleash?

New York Toy Fair 2019 will officially kick off on February 16th and conclude on February 19th.

[Source: Funko]