Three Kingdoms Fighter Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai is Getting a Limited Run

This one’s a bit of a surprise. Prestige publishing company Limited Run Games has announced that it is partnering with publisher Degica Games to produce a limited run of physical copies of Three Kingdoms anime fighting game Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai. This limited physical edition, which includes a physical copy of the game’s original soundtrack, will go on sale on the Limited Run Games online store on February 22, 2019.

If you’re unfamiliar, you can check out our review, written of course by yours truly. Based on, well, a pornographic visual novel series called Koihime Musou, this is a fighting game that brings those characters into a space that’s a bit more suitable for public display. I thought it was definitely a solid game, as it’s surprisingly accessible. It’s built around a combo system that allows for a bit more freedom than most other fighters, almost functioning as a custom combo system with a few key limitations.

Currently, Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai is a digital-only game, available for the PlayStation 4 and the PC via Steam. It’s the PlayStation 4 debut for the series, but it’s the second release of the game, originally released as a PC-exclusive. Compared to the original version, this one includes balance changes based on the latest release of the arcade version, along with a new character not present in the first release.

If you’ve ever played a Dynasty Warriors or Nobunaga’s Ambition game and thought, “you know, if all these large, bearded men were anime ladies instead and in a fighting game, that would be cool,” then Koihime Enbu RyoRaiRai is your game. If you haven’t done that extremely specific thing, it’s still a good fighter.