Detroit: Become Human and Marvel’s Spider-Man Get Permanent Price Drops

Though neither of them have been on the market for a full year, Detroit: Become Human and Marvel’s Spider-Man have both received pretty steep price drops. Interestingly, it appears both price drops are permanent, since the new prices aren’t represented on the PlayStation Store as sale items. Following a previous drop in price, Detroit can now be purchased for $19.99. Meanwhile, Spider-Man’s first slash drops it to $39.99.

While both prices are featured on PlayStation’s US Store (Detroit, Spider-Man), it seems Amazon is honoring the drop in price, as well. On Amazon, Spider-Man’s cost of $39.99 is represented for both the physical and digital editions of the title. However, Detroit: Become Human’s $19.99 price tag only appears on Amazon as a digital purchase option.

Both PlayStation exclusives are a steal at their respective new costs and well worth a try for those that have yet to experience them. While Detroit: Become Human reviews across the board were rather divisive, the title has quite the cult following, the likes of which Quantic Dream has arguably never seen. In addition, Detroit is the studio’s fastest-selling game to date, moving over two million units after only five months on the market.

Marvel’s Spider-Man requires no further selling points. Its critical and commercial success speaks volumes about the game’s sheer quality. In fact, as of November 25, 2018, just over two months after its launch, Insomniac’s latest had sold through a whopping nine million copies. Needless to say, the recent price drop is bound to see this impressive sales number continue to climb.

[Source via COGconnected]