Baptiste is Joining the Overwatch Hero Roster

Blizzard has officially declared Baptiste Augusta, who was first introduced in a recent in-universe report describing some of his background, is the newest hero to join the ranks of Overwatch. Blizzard has revealed this via a new origin story video, which you can check out right here:

According to the memo released earlier this month, Baptiste was a member of Talon, specifically a medic. But he deserted, and at the time of the report, has been under pursuit by a Captain D. Cuerva. A strike team was sent to Tortuga to bring Baptiste back to Talon, cooperative or otherwise, but things didn’t work out so well for most of the team. According to the memo, Baptists is a crack shot and “built to survive,” which could be interpreted as hints towards his ability set.

We don’t know a ton else about Baptiste, other than the report and the look at his background we get in the origin story trailer. He seems to have been orphaned during the Omnic Crisis, which motivated his military path.

Despite the lack of information now, there’s no doubt we’ll be seeing Baptiste land in the PC version’s Public Test Realm sooner rather than later. Once that happens, Blizzard will drop Baptiste’s full ability set, and we’ll be able to get a better idea of what sort of support hero he’s meant to be in terms of gameplay.

The last new hero revealed for Overwatch was Ashe, back during BlizzCon. That reveal was a bit overshadowed by all the Diablo Immortal drama, so hopefully Baptiste gets a bit more room to breathe on his own.