Blizzard Appears to Be Teasing Overwatch’s 30th Hero

There may be a new hero coming to Overwatch, though “hero” may be a bit loose of a term. A cryptic teaser appeared on the official Overwatch Twitter page, leading to speculation that a character reveal is on its way.

Take a look at the teaser here:

Blizzard left more clues than that video, however. The tweet links to a report from one D. Cuerva, who is quite obviously affiliated with the terrorist group Talon. Cuerva’s strike team has seemingly gone missing after a hunt for deserter Jean-Baptiste Augustin. Why and how Augustin left Talon isn’t known, but that’s almost certainly fodder for an upcoming animated short.

Based on what little information we do have, it seems likely that Jean-Baptiste is the next Overwatch hero. For starters, his backstory is a compelling one. Secondly, Overwatch did just get a new map set in Paris, so having a French hero to go along with it would make a lot of sense. The report describes Augustin as both a “medic” and “a good shot,” so we could be looking at a new support hero. Other Talon-affiliated heroes include original character Widowmaker and the more recent Moira.

Blizzard does love to play on fans’ expectations, however. There’s a chance that Cuerva (whoever they are) could be the next hero, though the whole “missing team” aspect does put a damper on things. We do know that there are numerous heroes in development, so to see a new one get teased is not surprising. The most recent Overwatch hero was the gun-slinging Ashe.

[Source: Blizzard]