Phoenix Wright Release Date

Capcom Brings to the Stand a Release Date for Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy

Order! Capcom has announced a release date for the remastered Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney Trilogy on PS4. The publisher brought new evidence to the Capcom-Unity blog, which revealed the game will be releasing on April 9, 2019. The compilation will include Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Phoenix Wright: Justice for All, and Phoenix Wright: Trials and Tribulations.

You play the role of a budding lawyer trying to make a name for himself and protecting those who are falsely accused. However, you are not alone. As Phoenix is on the ropes quite a lot during these intense court battles, his assistant Maya, who’s training to become a spirit medium, gives him tips to keep the proceedings on their side.

Phoenix, before and between proceedings, is tasked with looking for evidence to counter the plaintiff’s claims. In point-and-click adventure style, you go through areas related with the crime and find clues to help with the case. Unlike a real world proceeding, you hold evidence to your chest until the opportune moment, and the plaintiff can do the same to you.

Capcom, for this HD release, has updated the UI and the art for current consoles. It will also come with both English and Japanese versions for those who are multi-lingual. The compilation is also releasing on Xbox One, PC, and Switch. It will be digital-only outside Japan on each one.

Ace Attorney, since it’s first release on the Gameboy Advance in 2001, has sold more than 6.7 million copies worldwide with 11 games in the series. This is the first time the franchise will be on PlayStation, Xbox, and PC platforms.

Another Capcom title from 2019, Resident Evil 2 Remake, has recently shipped more than 4 million copies worldwide and is likely to sell more than its original counterpart at 4.96 million.

[Source: Capcom-Unity]]